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EPS and E.I.F.S.


What is EPS?

EPS, or Expanded Polystyrene, insulation is a lightweight, rigid, closed cell insulation. EPS is available in several compressive strengths to withstand load and back-fill forces. This closed-cell structure provides minimal water absorption and low vapor permanence. 

Benefits of EPS

 • Long-term R-Value (“R” is the resistance to heat flow)
• Energy efficiency
• Constant thermal resistance
• Measurable energy savings
• Strength

• Sustainability
• No growth of bacteria, nor will it decay over time
• Dimensional stability
• Chemical inertness
• Low cost

What is E.I.F.S.?

E.I.F.S., or Exterior Insulation and Finish System, is a non-load bearing, exterior wall cladding system that consists of an insulation board attached either by adhesive or mechanically, or both, to the substrate; an integrally reinforced base coat; and a textured protective finish coat.  E.I.F.S. with Moisutre Drainage helps to eliminate moisture before it enters the wall cavity.

Benefits of E.I.F.S.

• Energy Efficiency

• Durability

• Impact Resistance

• Design Flexibility/Aesthetics

• Moisture Control